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Laurel Oaks – Go Green

Laurel Oaks Apartments is Energy Star® Certified and aiming for LEED Platinum Certification. Certification under those programs ensures cleaner, healthier and more energy & resource efficient living spaces. Some highlights of Energy Star and LEED for Homes listed below:

Energy Star®

  • High efficient insulation
  • High performance windows
  • Air-tight construction and ducts
  • Energy Star efficient heating and cooling equipment
  • Third-Party verification

LEED for Homes

  • Innovation & Design: Special design methods that contribute to the sustainability of a home
  • Location & Linkages: Proximity to transportation, shopping, recreational spaces, etc.
  • Sustainable Sites: Project density, types of landscaping, stormwater management.
  • Water Efficiency: Use of indoor and outdoor water efficiency practices (i.e. low flow fixtures or rainwater reuse for irrigation)
  • Energy & Atmosphere: Emphasizes energy efficiency within the building envelope (i.e. performance of heating/cooling systems, lighting, air filtration, etc.)
  • Materials & Resources: Efficient selection and use of environmentally preferable materials, waste minimization, and recycling.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Improvement of indoor air quality by reducing the creation of and exposure to pollutants
  • Awareness & Education: Training managers and residents on the operations, maintenance, and special features of a LEED home.