Enhancing Community Life: Social Services at Walters Apartments

September 6, 2023

At the heart of Walters Apartments lies a commitment to providing more than just homes. We care about creating a supportive community where our residents are setup for success. At both our senior and family properties, we understand that a true sense of belonging goes beyond four walls. That is why we take pride in offering an array of social services programs tailored to the diverse needs and interests of our residents.

At our senior properties, we offer an array of social activities designed to foster connections and enrich lives. Residents can engage in coffee clutches, birthday parties, exercise classes, bingo nights and vaccination stations. We also offer transportation services to Shoprite, Walmart, Aldi/Lidl, day trips to places like casinos, Smithville, Columbus market and local restaurants.

At our family properties, our offerings expand to accommodate the dynamics of families. From afterschool snacks to engaging summer programming, cooking classes that spark culinary curiosity, and festive holiday parties that foster a strong sense of togetherness, we’re dedicated to nurturing the bonds within our communities.

Our commitment to our residents is unwavering, regardless of their age group. Across all of our properties, we’ve established Care Closets – food pantries aimed at assisting those in need. For those navigating the complexities of healthcare, our Certified Medicare Specialist is readily available to provide guidance and support to residents who are on Medicare or nearing eligibility. Though vaccinations are not available at our family properties, we extend an open invitation to residents to visit our 55+ properties for this service.

Every month we send out a social services focused newsletter, giving helpful information as well as the calendar of events for the month. The newsletter is emailed to all residents and made available in our common areas.

Our dedication to the well-being of our residents doesn’t stop at organized activities and essential services. We believe in coming together as a community during times of adversity. Recently, in our Cornerstone at Lacey community we learned about a resident battling brain cancer. To show our support, we collaborated to host an event to raise funds for her and her family. The event featured a blow-up arcade with exciting prizes, an auction and food trucks. Together, we raised an incredible $1,500 to support the family during this challenging time.

At Walters Apartments, our commitment to enhancing community life is unwavering. We’re more than just a collection of residences; we’re a family, a support network and a place you can feel comfortable to call home.