Bridging the gaps through partnership and prevention

April 26, 2023

Walters Apartments Group, a leader in affordable real estate development and Family Promise of the Jersey Shore (FPJS) continue to strengthen their partnership to prevent homelessness in Ocean County.

In 2020, FPJS first approached Walters Apartments Group to partner with the Anchors to Stay Prevention Program. The Anchor to Stay program allows eligible families to receive financial aid on rent, mortgage, or security deposit payments. Families also have access to a curriculum focused on stability and further prevention of homelessness.

“By partnering with companies like Walters Apartments Group, we are able to significantly increase our impact to help prevent even more families and children from experiencing the trauma of homelessness,” said Elizabeth Golla, Executive Director at Family Promise of the Jersey Shore. “Working alongside Walters Apartments Social Services team to offer the Anchors to Stay program as a prevention tool in the form of back rent and support, is lifechanging for eligible residents,” continued Golla.

The partnership between FPJS and Walters Apartments has continued to grow over the last three years. “At Christmas, FPJS sponsors families within our communities, they have also provided us with Easter baskets. FPJS has been beyond generous with Holiday Food Baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas,” noted Jennifer Pampalone, BSW, Social Services Coordinator at Walters Apartments Group. “The supplement to our onsite food pantries continues throughout the year when they have extra food. When FPJS calls to offer food, I clear my schedule because what they offer is beyond generous.”

“Family Promise’s main goal is to ensure the people we serve do not fall into the cycle of housing instability that can devastate families and alter the course of children’s lives. With partners like Walters Apartments Group, FPJS can address prevention and education within the communities and offer the necessary support to help the Jersey Shore community thrive,” said Golla.

“Eviction is always our last resort. Knowing that FPJS is working to prevent evictions and to hold families accountable is a commendable thing. They don’t just offer money to families and wish them well. They offer a variety of services to get to the root issue and work alongside families to overcome the issue, for example, financial literacy, resume writing, education and job preparedness. They work to improve the quality of life, not just today, but for the future,” said Pampalone.