Joseph, Gail & Timothy

The Ponds At Jackson Twenty-One

It’s been a little over a month that we have been in our new home here at “The Ponds At Jackson Twenty-One” & we are so elated just like the first time we were told we were approved! We are so grateful for turning our challenging situation into a blessing for our family. So many doors were closing & we did not know what to do or where to go! We did not want to settle for anything because we have worked too hard in our lives & because we fell on hard times we wanted a chance to live in this beautiful community & beautiful home.

Our dream came true & we thank each of you for how you worked so hard to make sure we had everything we needed to qualify. You made every step easier & calmed us by your care & professionalism. Though it may be just a job for you all, you help change peoples lives & restore their faith & hope. It was not easy at times as when my husband lost his job a second time in 2 years! But a miracle happened for us!

Thank you, Chelsea, as you were our first contact who was so pleasant & patient, Randi for your guidance & care & Tiffany for being so thorough, at times we held our breath but your true care & concern was shown through the entire process & we are grateful.

We are just loving our home, the beautiful peaceful serene wooded areas & having fun decorating it! It has been an adjustment, but we know that we will make new memories here!

Have a great day & know how each day, you are changing lives!

— Joseph, Gail & Timothy