Our Residents


How many school-aged children live at Walters communities?

White it varies from community to community, Walters Group’s affordable family apartments are, on average, occupied by .77 children.

How many residents live in each apartment at Walters communities?

On average, a Walters apartment is occupied by 2.4 individuals. Additionally, Walters communities allow for no more than two residents per bedroom. 

Who pays the rent at Walters communities. 

Our residents pay their rent. While our communities are subsidized by Low Income Housing Tax Credits, our residents are responsible for paying their rent every month.

What occupations do your residents typically have?

The residents who reside in Walters apartments are some of the most productive and respected members of their greater communities. EMTs, medical and dental assistants and other healthcare professionals, law enforcement, bank employees, flight attendants, truck and bus drivers, retail and restaurant workers, school teachers, secretaries and municipal employees are just a sample of the occupations held by residents of Walters communities. 

How long do residents stay at Walters communities?

The average family that rents at a Walters community remain residents for approximately three years.